About me

The first time I held a camera and took a photo was around 20 years ago. Before the dawn of digital photography the image was recorded on light-sensitive film after the press of a button. A magical feeling, that will feel familiar to most people who grew up in a time with analogue cameras.

Photography has since been a major part of my creative journey, which after high school took me to the University of the Arts in the Netherlands and the United States. Exploring graphic design, screen printing, 3D animation, music and film, photography always remained a constant presence and influence on my work.

My most important discovery through photography: Light, and how we can tell our stories with it. Light is the absolute foundation for any piece of visual art, for without light all we have is darkness.

It is the one element that influences everything in an image, the difference between warm and cold, bright or dim, hard or soft. I use this influence to create beautiful and high quality images of people, places and products that match my clients’ desires and expectations.

If you’d like to talk about your own desires, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail
or give me call: 06 425 186 05

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Some of the brands I’ve worked with:


In my studio in Utrecht, close to the city center.

Send a message to set an appointment, or be even quicker and give me a call at 06 425 186 05


Stage fright!

Exciting and scary to be in front of the camera? You’re not the only one. After all, most of us aren’t used to be the literal center of attention like this.

Fortunately I’ll be here to help you get rid of any tension. We will take our time and will not rush; it’s impossible to take a good photo if our model is stressed! Relaxation is key in looking good for your portrait.

No forced smiles or unfamiliar poses. We will ease into it, and every time you tense up, we’ll take our time to slow down again and come back to a relaxed state. Great photos will follow automatically!

So, stop worrying about having to perform and let’s just have fun!

My process

  1. If and when you contact me for a shoot we will discuss the possibilities; in the studio or on location? What types of light should we use? And do you have any ideas for the type of photos you would like?
  2. I will compose a small moodboard with ideas for the intended result. You now have a chance to send me some feedback until we settle on some satisfactory moods.
  3. We’ll set a date for the shoot! Depending on the number of photos needed it will take on average 1 to 2 hours per person/model. You will receive specific instructions in your e-mail before the day of the shoot.
  4. During the shoot we will have a chance to quickly look at the results, a full selection will follow soon by e-mail.
  5. The final stage is retouching, removing small blemishes or spots and finetuning colours. Don’t worry! This will just be some minor adjustments, you will still recognize yourself in the photos when you receive them 🙂

For me photography is a way to connect with people. Almost every single person feels vulnerable in front of the camera, in the center of attention. And for me every shoot behind the camera is just as humbling and exciting. It’s my responsibility to permanently capture my subject in the best possible way. So we are involved in this process together, both contributing our part to a beautiful image.

Dick Bogers